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Leaf Jumping


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It’s Fall!


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Two sillies enjoying the pumpkin display at Trader Joe’s 


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Fresh Air

Fun outside on this beautiful, blustery fall day.  



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It’s Autumn!




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Luca and I have been making every effort to take advantage of the crisp, refreshing fall air by taking walks through our neighborhood whenever the weather permits. This is not always easy to do, as the rain is becoming more frequent and a break in the clouds doesn’t always coincide with my days off or non-nap times. The leaves have turned and their colors are so stunningly beautiful now – I try to appreciate this fact as much as I can while my sunshine reserves, which had grown to be quite bountiful from the Hawaiian and Southern Californian sun, become increasingly depleted. Having been raised in the Pacific Northwest, we know as well as anyone what to expect from the gray days ahead. But that doesn’t mean this first winter back won’t be a tough one for us. I do, however, have confidence that we’ll survive.  After getting ready for a walk the other day Luca and I opened the door to some light rainfall. Rather than be discouraged, we decided to go for it, and ended up having a lovely time.

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