Tami, Toby, and The Boys Come For A Visit

We love when Tami, Toby, and the boys come to visit.  This time Luca was especially excited as he and Isaiah battled a roaring t-rex with a samurai sword, claw grabber, and bow and arrows.  No need to worry they had oxygen masks and a megaphone in case things took a turn for the worst. This […]


We went to the zoo yesterday with our good friends Tami and Toby. The penguin exhibit was the most intriguing – those were the silliest penguins we’ve ever seen!

Getting Ready for Christmas

First, we need a Christmas tree. Better get all bundled up – it’s cold out there! Helping Daddy pick out a good tree Watching the tree get wrapped up from inside the cabin Pretty big tree! Time to decorate Yup, looks good from under here too! Don’t forget the wreath! Seems like a pretty good […]

Visit With the Newburghs

Tami, Toby and Isaiah came by for a visit today! Cooking up some treats for the grown ups Dump trucks! Cutie Isaiah Our beautiful families posing for a photo Our beautiful families in their natural states  

LA Trip

Kitty Luca and I decided to take a week trip back to LA.  We love many things about Portland, but also miss many of the people and parts of LA we came to love over the years.  I was mostly looking forward to visiting a few friends, dining at my favorite local spots, sane driving […]

Party Time

Today was Henry’s birthday.  Henry is the first son of one of our long time friends Fry and his wife Colleen. The party was at the Fulton Park Community Center.  There was a big open space in the gym with toys, cars, balls, planes, and all kinds of instruments of chaos.  Luca seriously enjoyed himself and had […]

Mum mum mum mah, p-p-p-poker face

It’s fun to watch as Luca develops his personality and individual likes/dislikes. There are a few things besides his mommy, bananas, and the outdoors that Luca really likes. Apparently Luca has developed an affinity for American Idol, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and dancing. So it was no surprise that during our recent trip to Iowa and […]

Libby’s Birthday

A few weeks ago we got together with a few friends and family members to celebrate my sister Libby’s birthday. Luca decided to take a quick romp through the front yard before the party got started. Then we were off to have a yummy sushi lunch followed by an afternoon of ice skating at the […]

Play Date

Luca recently got to enjoy a visit from his friend Jax, who was born just two weeks after Luca’s birthday. While they still didn’t exactly play together, they certainly played alongside each other for the whole day. The refrigerator is, of course, always a star attraction, and Luca and Jax wasted no time in sifting […]