Autumn’s Room

I had the last two weeks off and along with Christmas I got to catch up on a lot of little projects around the house. After cleaning, organizing, installing new switches and outlets, weatherizing, and upgrading our wi-fi I finally got around to decorating Autumn’s room with Kitty.  I had some ideas and had been looking […]

Winter Time

With holiday-time birthdays, Christmas, and New Year’s all the normal everyday chaos seems to be multiplied.  I try to stay organized with my checklists and my drive to maintain order in the universe, but sometimes it’s just futile and you have to let go and just go with it.  Of course that doesn’t stop me […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Kitty and I wrapped up the new year putting together baby furniture and finishing getting everything ready for Luca’s arrival.  I got pretty good at putting the crib together having to do it 3 times.  Yes, when you are assembling furniture that cannot fit through the doorway you should assemble it inside […]

Mom and Leo visit

Since we were unable to travel to Oregon for Christmas my mom and Leo came down for a visit.  We had fun talking, sharing stories, dining, and seeing a few sights.  On Sunday we went out and did some baby shopping.  We are so appreciative of my mom’s gifts.  By the time she and Leo […]


While the baby shower is fast approaching, some generous friends and family have already given us some baby gifts.  While my mom probably should be given her own section we’ve created a page to share some of the gifts.  Click Here to see some of the gifts.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful gifts […]


Having already been relegated to the far corners of the bed I solidified my position after purchasing the highly sought after snoogle.  Kitty was at a friend’s house enjoying a day at the pool, so along with a few other things I decided to do a little something extra.  After a long… long day of […]

It begins

Amazingly within mere minutes of hearing her baby boy was having his own baby, Granny Franny leapt into action and had the baby’s first wardrobe bought, packaged, and shipped.  Complete with giraffes, froggie, and other friends the baby will no doubt be styling in its new onesie, robe, and hooded blanket.