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Day at OMSI

Grammie and Pop Pop got us a membership to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) for Christmas! We decided to go check it out today.














Thanks Grammie and Pop Pop!

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Pumpkin Patch!

It was a cold and rainy visit to the pumpkin patch this year, but we decided to brave the elements anyway. After all, what’s a bit of rain to a family of Oregonians?

Powering up
Flying through the pumpkin patch with Grammie and Pop PopMore flyingBundled babyJust a little peek from inside my warm cocoonThis way GrammieAnd this one, and this one…This one looks pretty goodYup, I’ll take it!Family photoTwo silliesFun with the grandparentsAfter a serious (and muddy!) downpour of rain, we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow

King of the mountainHey this looks like funGoing upOn top of the worldSupernatural toddlerSaying Yelling “Cheeeeese!”

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Good Friday

As part of Good Friday I had the day off today.  Kitty still had to work so it was boys day out.  What to do?? First things first.  Time for Luca to get inked.

After that it was time to head out.

My sister Rebecca, her husband and two sons are visting from California so we decided to meet with them, my mom, and sister Barbie at Wings of Wonder. They have a giant greenhouse that houses thousands of butterflies.

 Luca with his auntie Barbie

Wings of Wonder is home to many other friends … geckos, quails, snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas, frogs. This was Luca’s best friend of the day.  He and cousin Trenton named him Spike.

A kiss goodbye

After lunch we headed over to the Riverfront Carousel

Luca’s cousin Joshua taking it all in

More pics from the day

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Settling In

After a 13 hour drive from LA Kitty, Luca, and I were reunited.  We’ve found a house in Portland near Libby who is also Luca’s new nanny!!  It’s been really busy finding a place, seeing grandparents and great grandparents, and settling into Portland.  I start my new job on Monday and am very excited.  While we’ve visited a few restaurants in Portland already there are several parking lots full of different lunch wagons downtown we have yet to visit.  That being said Luca and I have been getting our fill of Taco Time crispy burritos.  So after visiting with everyone in Corvallis this week we are headed back up to Portland to prepare for work and the movers to arrive on Monday.

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Happy Easter

It’s Luca’s first Easter and Grammie is here to visit.  Of course she was sure to send a fully stocked Easter basket for Luca just before her arrival.  Things are very busy as we plan for our move to Portland.  We are going to start packing up next week and the movers will be here mid April.  Pasadena and LA have been great to us.  We both appreciate all the friends and people we’ve met and hope to keep in touch with everyone.  Below are a few pictures and videos of Luca on his first Easter.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Kitty and I wrapped up the new year putting together baby furniture and finishing getting everything ready for Luca’s arrival.  I got pretty good at putting the crib together having to do it 3 times.  Yes, when you are assembling furniture that cannot fit through the doorway you should assemble it inside the room it’s going to go into.   The changing table was much smoother and, as you can see by the pictures, it’s likely because Kitty put it together.  Besides that we celebrated the new year watching the ball drop in NYC and enjoying the rose parade from the comfort of our home.  We went last year but decided to take it easy this time around.  Kitty is headed off to a brunch at Noriko’s as I prepare to cheer on the Ducks in the 2010 Rose Bowl.  It’s fun to see so many people with UO colors and signs on their cars rolling around Los Angeles.  However I have already received several messages and calls from local Angelenos expressing their concern.  I just told them to be sure to recycle and provide hugs to the hippies when asked.

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Mom and Leo visit

Since we were unable to travel to Oregon for Christmas my mom and Leo came down for a visit.  We had fun talking, sharing stories, dining, and seeing a few sights.  On Sunday we went out and did some baby shopping.  We are so appreciative of my mom’s gifts.  By the time she and Leo left we had a new crib, changing table, dresser and hutch, as well as a mattress and changing pad.  Later we headed over to the Santa Monica pier for the afternoon, where a tall naked man wearing only a loin cloth and wrapped in snakes was there to greet us.  Welcome to LA.  We walked through Old Town Pasadena at night and had fun sharing Pasadena, our home, and the life Kitty and I have made for ourselves.

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It begins

Amazingly within mere minutes of hearing her baby boy was having his own baby, Granny Franny leapt into action and had the baby’s first wardrobe bought, packaged, and shipped.  Complete with giraffes, froggie, and other friends the baby will no doubt be styling in its new onesie, robe, and hooded blanket.

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