Mia’s First Gymnastics Class!

It was a much anticipated affair, three years in the making. After countless hours of watching her brother’s and sister’s classes, imitating every move they made, and asking repeatedly if she could have a turn, we woke up this morning with great excitement as we prepared to take Mia to her first gymnastics class! Luckily […]

Autumn’s First Day at Gymnastics!!!

After patiently waiting and longingly observing her big brother’s classes from the sidelines for the past couple of years, Autumn finally got to go to her own gymnastics class! ┬áLuca stayed close by during warm ups to make sure she was ok, and after that she was all smiles and like an old pro. ┬áNot […]

New Beginnings

Ever since Auntie Libby had the nerve to have her own beautiful little baby and become a mama we had to start figuring out a new plan for childcare. What does one do after a member of the family has been caring for your children since they were born? We considered many different options, and […]

Buzz Goes to Gymnastics

This week was Halloween week at Luca’s gym. Buzz Lightyear decided to try out gymnastics class today. Looks like he had a great time!


Kitty grew up doing gymnastics and later coached, so it’s no surprise Luca loves his gymnastics class!