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Happy Halloween!

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It’s our families favorite time of the year!!  Here are some highlights from this years trip to the pumpkin patch.

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Happy Halloween!





Busy days at our house lately as we prepare for Luca’s most favorite holiday – Halloween!


First, some indoor decorations.



Next, some fun Halloween crafts!





And finally, Jack-o’-lanterns!








Candy Apple

Last week I had to spend some extra time with Luca in the morning.  He was very reluctant to go to preschool.  I had to talk to him for awhile and finally he whispered to me he was worried he was going to have to eat a candy apple at school.  “Oh buddy,” I said, “do you want me to talk to your teacher about it?” He said yes, that he didn’t want to eat the yucky apple.

I understand where he’s coming from.  As a kid I also never understood candy apples.  I thought they were weird and gross until I had one for the first time at Disneyland when I was 26.  Carmel, fine. Apple, fine.  But together!?!?

So a few days pass, and at last night’s Harvest Hoedown they took home candy apples.

Today this is what I saw upon arriving home from work

Apparently he’s ok with candy apples now.

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Halloween time! First, carve the pumpkins.

Daddy decided to have fun with the little pumpkin again this year. The difference is that this year, Luca has a new level of awareness about the world around him, and he’s also right in the middle of the “why” phase. Daddy had to field A LOT of questions and discussion about why the big pumpkin was eating the little pumpkin, for several days…


Ok, costumes on kiddos!

All set to go trick or treating

Let’s go!

Trick or treat! Luca was in character the entire time, making really loud train whistle sound effects as we walked down the street and even while we chatted with each neighbor on the doorstep.

Autumn actually picked up on the idea of walking up to each door and putting candy in her bag, and didn’t want me to help her out. But what she really enjoyed more than anything was being allowed to walk wherever she wanted in the middle of the street. Freedom!

Needless to say, he LOVES his costume

All done trick or treating, now back to our house to enjoy the decorations. Happy Halloween everyone!

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This week was Halloween week at Luca’s gym. Buzz Lightyear decided to try out gymnastics class today. Looks like he had a great time!

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Luca and I began working on his Halloween costume a few weeks ago. He went to the craft store with me to get supplies, he helped me paint the boxes and glue on all the parts, and most importantly he helped me stuff batting into the smokestack. Now he’s all ready for Halloween!




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Pumpkin Patch

We took our annual family trip to The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island. Luca found some great pumpkins and even some kettle corn.

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This Is Halloween

Luca and Autumn love this song from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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