Hawaiian Night With The Soul Signature Ohana

We’ve been in Hawaii for almost a week catching up with family and friends.  We’ll share some memories in another post.  This one is dedicated to the amazing night we had with the Soul Signature Ohana. When coming to Ohau this time I wanted to add more story from my right 1/2 sleeve onto my […]

Oahu Trip Recommendations

As Summer approaches it seems like I’ve been asked a few times at work and outside about some Oahu recommendations, so I started putting together a list.   Food These are some of my relatives in the late 1800’s at a family luau in upcountry Maui. I missed this one but 150 years later I very […]


Guess what – we went to Hawaii! Yes it was 3 months ago, but hey – life is busy these days, and it takes time to sift through hundreds of photos. Especially when I only get 5 minutes at a time to myself! Both kids did great on the plane, and they handled a week […]

Bike Disaster

First the Bike   Then the Disaster Besides biking, gargling, and making messes we’ve been having an awesome summer.  On the weekend I’ve been doing things around the house and yard, Kitty sews and does crafts in her craft room while Luca plays in his playroom or sits next to her and pages through one […]

Hawaii Part 2

As Chris mentioned in the previous post, our trip to Hawaii was both fun and exhausting. Apparently this was true for Luca as well. Each day after playing in the waves, running in the sand, and chasing after the birds, he swiftly dropped off into dreamland in his little makeshift bed on the floor. Here […]

Island Style

It’s been awhile since our last post, but we’ve been pretty busy.  We bought a house in Portland and will be moving the beginning of June.  We are all very excited to have a nice house so on the weekends I can listen to my Hawaiian music with the sounds of birds and fountain in […]


We have made a few adjustments since moving to Oregon. Probably the biggest change has been weather related. Coming from Hawaii and LA we could pretty much go out and do whatever we wanted when we wanted and just assume there would be good weather. This doesn’t really hold true during the winter months in […]

Ready Luca Swim!

Luca has been working on his aquatic skillz for awhile now.  He’s gotten more comfortable at the pool and now does all the dips, dives, and dunks.  We are taking a trip back to Hawaii in April where he can put all his water training to use and catch some waves with his dad.  Here […]

Splish Splash Monkey’s Taking a Bath

Kitty and I are enrolling Luca in swimming classes at DolFUN swim academy.   He’s always really enjoyed water and bath time and this will be the first step before he’s charging 20 footers on the north shore with Dad and Uncle Fry. Luca was experiencing some engine trouble this afternoon.  He worked on it for […]