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Kitty returned to work Friday to her new job at OHSU. It was the first day she and Luca have been apart.  While it was tough Luca decided to treat his mommy to a little something special.

Besides fruit Luca has moved on to some other tasty treats.  Here he seems to not be able to be served his avocado quick enough.  He really just likes to eat whatever.  Solids, milk, taco time, he’s game for whatever.

Luca has started sitting up and playing with his toys while he chatters away and sticks out his tongue.

1 monkey in the bed and the little one said roll over roll over.

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6 weeks old!

As you can see we have given our blog a makeover.  All of our previous posts are here, just in a new format that is more user-friendly.  The nice thing is that you can now comment on any of the posts – we’d love to hear from you!

I had originally intended to write this entry for Luca’s one-month birthday, but it has obviously taken a little while to get it posted.  So I’ve decided to upgrade it to his 6-week birthday.  Such is the life of a new parent…  Luca is continuing to grow and change fast.  Too fast!  He’s already begun to outgrow some of his clothing, which is hard to believe.  But I must admit it’s pretty cool that he can now fit into a cute pair of red overalls that I wore when I was a baby!  (See previous entry)  While my doctor advised no exercise for 6 weeks, I’ve certainly built up a good amount of upper body strength.  Carrying around 8-plus pounds with one arm all day, especially when it’s a little wiggly and squirmy, will do that.  I do take walks, though, and Luca and I make sure to go for a stroll around the neighborhood at least once a day.

These days Luca spends more time awake during the day, either strengthening his neck and back muscles during tummy time, looking contently around the room from his bouncer chair, practicing kung fu moves and flying around the house with Daddy, or dancing to The Beatles and Stevie Wonder with Mommy.  He’s also starting to fill out more and has developed a nice double chin, which isn’t surprising considering how much time we spend nursing in the glider chair.  Luca’s also beginning to discover his hands, and will occasionally suck on his fingers when they find their way to his mouth. And he will sometimes use his arms to pull me toward him or push me away during nursing.  He’s also figuring out how to use his voice more, mostly in the way of grunting.  Occasionally we get a little coo with a half smile, usually while he’s looking at the wall or falling asleep, which is very exciting.  We can’t wait for him to start smiling directly at us – it won’t be long now!

We finally purchased a good video camera so be on the lookout for more videos of Luca in the near future.  And be sure to check out the final belly pic here.

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Baby bump

Well, there’s no hiding it now.  My pants no longer fit, and I’ve got a little belly bulge that’s definitely showing.  My coworkers agree that my tummy grew noticeably this week!  I’ve also started to feel the baby moving a little – like tiny flutters in my stomach.  Chris was eager to feel the baby move, so he waited patiently one night with his hand on my belly as we lay in bed falling asleep.  All of a sudden he let out a startled yell as his hand quickly recoiled from my stomach and he practically flew back to his side of the bed.  Apparently the baby had given him a good kick!

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