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Halloween time! First, carve the pumpkins.

Daddy decided to have fun with the little pumpkin again this year. The difference is that this year, Luca has a new level of awareness about the world around him, and he’s also right in the middle of the “why” phase. Daddy had to field A LOT of questions and discussion about why the big pumpkin was eating the little pumpkin, for several days…


Ok, costumes on kiddos!

All set to go trick or treating

Let’s go!

Trick or treat! Luca was in character the entire time, making really loud train whistle sound effects as we walked down the street and even while we chatted with each neighbor on the doorstep.

Autumn actually picked up on the idea of walking up to each door and putting candy in her bag, and didn’t want me to help her out. But what she really enjoyed more than anything was being allowed to walk wherever she wanted in the middle of the street. Freedom!

Needless to say, he LOVES his costume

All done trick or treating, now back to our house to enjoy the decorations. Happy Halloween everyone!

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Happy Friday

Getting ready for bed with monkey. Night night.


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One of Luca’s recent games is to pick up his globe, point to a random location, and say “this (dramatic pause) is how we live.”  I follow with “no, that’s Kazakhstan” or “nope, that’s Antarctica”.  I also try to clarify that it’s “where we live, not how we live.”  To which he once again proclaims… “THIS…. is how we live.”

But really, this is how we live…

Swim with intimidating shark cap on…


Hang with friends…


Hang with more friends…


Read some books…


Go to dentist…

Definitely recover

Admiring buzz…

Double admire… Double recover

Yo Gabba Gabba Concert…

Hallway recover

Play some drums…

Rock recover

Look cute for pictures…



and recover

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This is Halloween

Two Monkeys
Luca and Kitty Trick or Treating
On to the next house…
Skull bucket is getting heavy
All pau time to head home
Nom Nom Nom


We decorated our house.  Every night this month Luca has demanded to come outside to see the lights, touch pumpkin light, touch lantern, walk out and say hello to the ghosts upstairs, say goodbye to the ghosts, walk back touch cob webs, touch spider, touch two little pumpkins,…. repeat indefinitely.

Along with the decorations we had thunder and lightening and were bumping the Nightmare Before Christmas Song


We live on a cul de sac with 10 homes and 11 kids, most under the age of 3.  Luca was very excited to head out and quickly picked up the routine… knock knock… doot doot deet (trick or treat)… thank you, bye bye. After we got home he handed out candy to the other kids as they stopped by.

Lets GO!!!

Trick or Treat

Next House

Time to head home

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Best Friends

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