Halloween time! First, carve the pumpkins. Daddy decided to have fun with the little pumpkin again this year. The difference is that this year, Luca has a new level of awareness about the world around him, and he’s also right in the middle of the “why” phase. Daddy had to field A LOT of questions […]

Happy Friday

Getting ready for bed with monkey. Night night.

This Is How We Live

One of Luca’s recent games is to pick up his globe, point to a random location, and say “this (dramatic pause) is how we live.”  I follow with “no, that’s Kazakhstan” or “nope, that’s Antarctica”.  I also try to clarify that it’s “where we live, not how we live.”  To which he once again proclaims… […]

This is Halloween

Two Monkeys Luca and Kitty Trick or Treating On to the next house… Skull bucket is getting heavy All pau time to head home Nom Nom Nom   We decorated our house.  Every night this month Luca has demanded to come outside to see the lights, touch pumpkin light, touch lantern, walk out and say […]