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Almost here

With the due date quickly approaching there seemed like no better time to try to sneak in two bathroom remodels.  It’s definitely possible that I have been nesting more than Kitty.  I spent the week repairing the roof, doing bathroom remodeling work, upgrading outlets, painting, sealing granite counter tops, and taking care of numerous other odd jobs around the house.  Kitty is doing very well and has kept busy sewing a quilt for Luca while trying to keep up with walking/going to the gym and getting plenty of rest.  She worked until this past Tuesday and now has time off to prepare for Luca’s arrival.  Aside from that we received our first delivery of diapers this week.  At first I was a little apprehensive about a diaper service.  I just pictured myself having to hand clean dirty cloth diapers and trying to fumble around with safety pins.  After doing my research I found cloth diaper services are actually quick, clean, and easy.  We found Dy-Dee, a diaper service that is 3 blocks from our house and has been in Pasadena since 1938.  They say we will need 80 diapers a week…. really?!  Ok I’ve got to go rotate the laundry.  The next update may just be about Luca’s arrival!

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I decided awhile ago that come the beginning of the year it was time to finalize the baby’s room and get everything in place for his arrival.  Apparently I’m the one “nesting”.  We were both careful not to overdo the baby room, both of us preferring a simple and less cluttered approach.  We headed to the store to stock up on baby supplies.  There is nothing scarier than the baby section of a store packed full of pregnant women.  I’ve been in this situation several times now and have yet to find a successful strategy.  At every turn there is another pregnant lady walking down the isle in the opposite direction.  I turn to run but no doubt another lady turns the corner and I am trapped for the time being.  I have since learned from the sighs, huffs, and stare downs of pregnant women to leave my cart at the end of the isle.  In spite of that I still somehow always find a way to park it right in front of the one item that everyone seems to be seeking.  This time one lady let me know her displeasure by quickly thrusting her hips into the cart and sending it flying.  I later found that this was probably just part of her and her pregnant cohorts’ plan.  As my cart was now unprotected at the end of the isle, someone came by and snatched the last baby bjorn out of it.  Chris 0  pregnant women +25.

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Second Baby Shower

My friends at work threw me a baby shower this weekend.  One of my coworkers brought her 6-month old baby girl, so of course we spent the whole time playing with her.  It was a good window into the future for me, to see where our little one will be in just a few short months!  There was one main gift for me to open – apparently my coworkers pitched in to get us a car seat/stroller set.  What a surprise!  It was good timing, since Chris and I had just been discussing whether or not we thought the stroller would fit in the trunk of my car.  As we quickly approach our due date, we have been entering more into “nesting” mode, and we’ve started preparing our house for the little one’s arrival.  He’s going to be here in no time!

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