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Love these sweet faces

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All kinds of budding growth happening in our backyard as spring transitions into summer

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We were thankful to have nice weather for Easter again this year. Our day was full with egg dyeing, eating, hunting for eggs and chasing bubbles. Lots of family love to celebrate 🙂

First, the eggs. Careful!

This pretty much sums it up. My kids: crazies. Cousin Cora: cool, calm, collected.

Who doesn’t love chasing big bubbles outside?

Luca did a great job helping his cousin find the bubbles

Time for Easter baskets!

And of course, the egg hunt

“I found one!”

Watch out!

We tried to get the obligatory ‘cousins on a swing’ picture. As you can see, my kids were perfectly behaved the entire time.

And we ALMOST got a perfect family picture. I guess when you’re two years old the rules don’t apply to you.

Auntie Libby and Cousin Cora had better success with their photo shoot

Photo bomb!

Baby Bartel, soon to join the family in the outside world, enjoyed her Easter too


Take us out, Cora. Power to the flower y’all.

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Super Play Time

Our superheroes sped outside for some play time after it stopped raining.

The Flash checked things out in the neighborhood

Super Snowflake joined in on the action

Dynamic duo

Super Mia to the rescue!

Chalk break

Tired out after saving the day, our amazing superheroes head up to bed.

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Cousins On A Swing

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More Snow!

It’s snowing! Can we go outside and play?IMG_8287Mom gets ready, takes a deep breath…IMG_8291No, that’s not helping…IMG_8292IMG_8301Happy in this picture, but…IMG_8306this is her typical reaction to snow.
IMG_8335This one on the other hand:IMG_8308Yup, happy little dragonIMG_8313And sillyIMG_8327Monkey is happy too
IMG_8329And very interested in the idea that you can eat snowIMG_8334Mia preferred to eat the carrot that was intended for the snowman in the shelter of the front porch
IMG_3824IMG_3827_copy“Snow for dinner!”
IMG_3832We had to clear off the hummingbird feeder so this little bird could reach it!IMG_3838IMG_3842Snow buddies
IMG_3846IMG_3848IMG_3863IMG_3853IMG_3856IMG_3861Hot chocolate time!IMG_3871IMG_3872IMG_3877
IMG_3882IMG_3884Mia winsIMG_3885

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It’s Fall!


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