Welcome Mia

Mia Mae Bowling arrived 9/24/2014 7lbs 6oz, 20″ Our little ohana welcomed its newest member last Wednesday.  We knew the time was getting close since Kitty was having trouble sleeping the previous three nights and started taking late night baths.  Late Tuesday night I was in our bed with Autumn, who had also not been sleeping […]

Maternity Photo Shoot

We attempted a bit of a photo shoot a couple months ago. It sure is hard to sit still and follow grown ups’ instructions, but I think the two little monkeys did pretty well overall.  

Get Ready Kids

 Here’s the official picture And here are some fun outtakes

Welcome Autumn

Autumn Ann Bowling arrived 9/19/2012 8lbs 7oz  19 1/2″ Kitty had a wonderful and very easy pregnancy. We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little girl when at 4am on Wednesday she tapped me on the shoulder.  She said she thought she might be having a contraction.  After a feeble attempt to postpone the inevitable to […]

It’s a Girl!

Time for a baby update! As Luca successfully predicted on more than one occasion, he’s going to have a baby sister! Never mind that he doesn’t even know what a boy or a girl is…  We weren’t hoping for one more than the other, but we are definitely excited to have one of each. We’ve […]

On this blustery day…

I didn’t have work today since it’s a holiday.  Kitty and I decided to go to our favorite Pho restaurant, Golden Deli, and get some Pho and spring rolls.  After that we went for a nice walk and then Kitty headed to her weekly doctor appointment.  Apparently Kitty is half way from fully dilated.  The […]

Almost here

With the due date quickly approaching there seemed like no better time to try to sneak in two bathroom remodels.  It’s definitely possible that I have been nesting more than Kitty.  I spent the week repairing the roof, doing bathroom remodeling work, upgrading outlets, painting, sealing granite counter tops, and taking care of numerous other […]


I decided awhile ago that come the beginning of the year it was time to finalize the baby’s room and get everything in place for his arrival.  Apparently I’m the one “nesting”.  We were both careful not to overdo the baby room, both of us preferring a simple and less cluttered approach.  We headed to […]


Christmas arrived and after having received an email from Santa that I may have been on the naughty list this year I was happy that my last minute efforts were acknowledged and Santa did indeed make an appearance.  In the days leading up to Christmas day we received many packages, cards, and well wishes.  Kitty […]

PT Baby Shower

Another baby shower!  This time I celebrated with friends from physical therapy school on a cold and rainy Saturday night.  We played a couple of fun games, including identifying names of various baby animals and guessing how big my tummy is.  Karen overestimated my size by cutting her piece of yarn almost twice as big […]