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It’s fun to watch as Luca develops his personality and individual likes/dislikes. There are a few things besides his mommy, bananas, and the outdoors that Luca really likes. Apparently Luca has developed an affinity for American Idol, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and dancing.

So it was no surprise that during our recent trip to Iowa and Illinois to our friend Sally’s wedding that Luca took to the dance floor when Lady Gaga began playing. When Kitty tried to take him away he became upset and would run back. For awhile he was in our arms or standing on the sidelines, but at some point he decided to turn it up to 11. Luca took to the center of the dance floor and proceeded with his latest dance moves.

Come on now wave your arms in the air, now mini dip mini dip, big dip… now standup straight, stomp your feet, and strrrreeeeetchhhhh… you’ve got it… you’re doing the Luca Lee. This routine did not go unnoticed and soon Luca was in the center of a dance circle getting down. As some people took turns dancing with him he upped his game. The best part was when everyone in the circle was clapping and Luca threw his arms into the air, everyone gave out a cheer and followed his lead… then just as he had everyone wanting more he walked off the floor.

I was pretty busy chasing him around the dance floor but I grabbed a few seconds of video.

We had a wonderful time at the wedding and enjoyed our first trip to the Midwest.  Besides seeing so many friends…

we got to see the Mississippi river, experience a Midwest thunder and lightening storm, visit the John Deer Pavilion and eat at Cracker Barrel.

The trip home was over 7 hours with 3 layovers. How do you keep a 16 month old entertained?

Now repeat 800 times… literally!

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Kitty returned to work Friday to her new job at OHSU. It was the first day she and Luca have been apart.  While it was tough Luca decided to treat his mommy to a little something special.

Besides fruit Luca has moved on to some other tasty treats.  Here he seems to not be able to be served his avocado quick enough.  He really just likes to eat whatever.  Solids, milk, taco time, he’s game for whatever.

Luca has started sitting up and playing with his toys while he chatters away and sticks out his tongue.

1 monkey in the bed and the little one said roll over roll over.

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(Epic) Update

Well I was kind of waiting for things to calm down a bit before delving into this blog update, but I’ve realized that that may never happen (for the rest of my life!), so it’s now or never.  Things have been amazingly busy since we moved into our new place.  There have been quite a few holidays and family gatherings already, and while we have had so much fun spending time with everyone it hasn’t left much time for unpacking.  There are still several boxes patiently awaiting our attention downstairs – who knows if we will ever get to them!  We are also in the midst of selling our condo in Pasadena, so there has been a seemingly endless stream of documents to sign, scan, and email almost every evening.

Enjoying the grass at the park

Reading a bedtime story with Daddy

While deciding to move to another state may not be on the to-do list of most mothers just 2 1/2 months after having a baby, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as it has consequently extended my maternity leave.  I have been reveling in this extra time with Luca, but, as is the way of the universe, all good things must eventually come to an end.  I began interviewing this week and I must say it has been a bit challenging dusting off those areas of my brain that house all things physical therapy related.  If I can swing it, I’m looking to work part time so that I can still spend a good amount of time with Luca every day.  We will be participating in a nanny share, wherein we and another family will both have Libby as our nanny.  She currently works for a lovely family with two young children, and Luca will join them in their home while I am at work.  Because we are adding another child to the mix, Libby gets to charge more, and because we are sharing her, both families get to pay less.  So everybody wins!  Especially Luca, since he gets to spend time with his auntie on a regular basis.

While Luca and Jax were hanging out they found each other's hands all on their own!

Luca celebrates the sunshine and warm weather in his ocean romper

Speaking of the little monkey, he has been growing and developing by leaps and bounds and has changed so much even in the short time that we’ve been in Portland.  It was so mind blowing to witness him discovering his hands, and to watch that discovery transform into the ability to reach and grasp objects and then put them in his mouth.  Which, by the way, he does with everything now while simultaneously drooling copiously on anything within reach.  He has also begun rolling over from his tummy to his back, and I get so excited that I inadvertently startle him from time to time when I exclaim too loudly.  Sorry monkey!  Luca isn’t as excited as I am about rolling over, though.  He would much rather sit up, stand, or jump, as you can see in the video from the previous posting.  He has always loved using his legs to stand, from his first few weeks of life, and now that he has access to a jumping apparatus seems to be in monkey heaven.  He has also found his voice and enjoys exercising his vocal cords whenever he can, which I love because his voice is really the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.  Especially when he giggles and laughs, which has been happening more and more these past few weeks.  My other absolute favorite thing that he does is touching and exploring our faces with his hands, which just melts my heart.  He has also taken a recent interest in studying our food and our mouths while we eat.  This is right on track, as we plan to start trying out solid foods in about a month or so.  He has already had a bit of a preview to non-milk foods, including sucking on an orange slice and a big juicy strawberry.  Both were big hits and I’m sure he will be eager to try more in the weeks to come.

Luca REALLY enjoyed sucking on this giant strawberry

Luca tries out his Adidas jacket while contemplating the World Cup

Well I suppose that’s quite enough for now.  We should be able to post updates more often as we settle into a more regular routine.  Until then, here is a batch of photo cuteness to hold you over.

Luca and I often send Chris pictures of his cute outfits during the week. He seems to especially like this one.

Luca's grandma made this outfit for his mommy when she was a baby!

Luca apparently rolled over onto his pacifier at some point during his nap. It was suctioned onto his face pretty well!

Enjoying some time with Grandma over Memorial Day weekend

Luca and Mommy get ready to watch Auntie Kimmy graduate from OSU

Luca and Daddy relaxing in the shade after OSU's graduation ceremony

Showing off his new red hoodie

Eating with Auntie Barbie at McMenamin's

Luca inspects the tree leaves up close with Daddy

Luca enjoys the view from Daddy's shoulder

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PT Baby Shower

Another baby shower!  This time I celebrated with friends from physical therapy school on a cold and rainy Saturday night.  We played a couple of fun games, including identifying names of various baby animals and guessing how big my tummy is.  Karen overestimated my size by cutting her piece of yarn almost twice as big as I actually am!  We all had a good laugh over that.  The rest of the evening was spent eating homemade lasagna and carrot cake, admiring baby pictures of each other, and opening some very fun and thoughtful gifts.  We all live in different parts of LA, so more than anything it was good to just spend time with each other (while I still have a little left!).

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Second Baby Shower

My friends at work threw me a baby shower this weekend.  One of my coworkers brought her 6-month old baby girl, so of course we spent the whole time playing with her.  It was a good window into the future for me, to see where our little one will be in just a few short months!  There was one main gift for me to open – apparently my coworkers pitched in to get us a car seat/stroller set.  What a surprise!  It was good timing, since Chris and I had just been discussing whether or not we thought the stroller would fit in the trunk of my car.  As we quickly approach our due date, we have been entering more into “nesting” mode, and we’ve started preparing our house for the little one’s arrival.  He’s going to be here in no time!

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