Mum mum mum mah, p-p-p-poker face

It’s fun to watch as Luca develops his personality and individual likes/dislikes. There are a few things besides his mommy, bananas, and the outdoors that Luca really likes. Apparently Luca has developed an affinity for American Idol, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and dancing. So it was no surprise that during our recent trip to Iowa and […]

Luca Lee Takes the Stage

Kitty returned to work Friday to her new job at OHSU. It was the first day she and Luca have been apart.  While it was tough Luca decided to treat his mommy to a little something special. Besides fruit Luca has moved on to some other tasty treats.  Here he seems to not be able […]

(Epic) Update

Well I was kind of waiting for things to calm down a bit before delving into this blog update, but I’ve realized that that may never happen (for the rest of my life!), so it’s now or never.  Things have been amazingly busy since we moved into our new place.  There have been quite a […]

PT Baby Shower

Another baby shower!  This time I celebrated with friends from physical therapy school on a cold and rainy Saturday night.  We played a couple of fun games, including identifying names of various baby animals and guessing how big my tummy is.  Karen overestimated my size by cutting her piece of yarn almost twice as big […]

Second Baby Shower

My friends at work threw me a baby shower this weekend.  One of my coworkers brought her 6-month old baby girl, so of course we spent the whole time playing with her.  It was a good window into the future for me, to see where our little one will be in just a few short […]