Fun Run!

This year we had two runners in the annual Montclair Elementary fun run fundraiser. Not an easy task in 85 degree weather! I snapped a few pics of Luca before joining him for the remainder of his laps. Enjoying a well-deserved treat afterwards Then it was Autumn’s turn – all smiles and excitement! Warming up… […]

Mia’s First Day of Preschool

We don’t know how, but somehow our little baby is starting preschool today! After weeks of asking if it was time to go to school, Mia was eager to carry her bag and pose for her first day of school picture. Proud big brother and big sister supporting our little chickadee on her first day […]

First Day of School 2018

Autumn started kindergarten today! And Luca, the old pro, started 3rd grade. Mia joined in on the love, stay tuned for her big day next week… Autumn was so brave, she jumped right in and never looked back! Meanwhile at home, Mia and I made fresh chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the big day. All […]

Autumn’s Dinner Theater

It was Autumn’s dinner theater.  This year’s theme was Country Fair Jamboree!  She has been practicing for so long and knew all her songs and dance moves.  It was pretty amazing to see her perform. Our entire family was ready and won the blue ribbon for best dressed! Autumn had a special singing and dance […]

Back to School

Luca’s first day of first grade And Autumn’s first day at her new preschool  

Fun Run

Luca’s school had its yearly “Fun Run” today.  As soon as he saw me he gave me a big grin and a wave. Hey somethings changed from this morning!!! Luca lost one of his front teeth!  He said he took a bite of his apple and it stayed stuck in the apple. Missing front tooth super […]

Lunch Time

We make Luca’s lunch every night and he gets a pretty healthy selection of fruits, veggies, and some sandwich or pasta all packed into his cool lunch box.  While a lot of parents do the same I think I can say Luca has the coolest lunch notes in kindergarten!

Luca’s First Day Of Kindergarten

Luca Lee it seems like only yesterday your mom and I brought you home from the hospital to our little condo in Pasadena. We blinked and now it’s your first day of kindergarten We all love you so much and your sisters were so proud of their big brother Ya we know… you’ve got this See […]

New Beginnings

Ever since Auntie Libby had the nerve to have her own beautiful little baby and become a mama we had to start figuring out a new plan for childcare. What does one do after a member of the family has been caring for your children since they were born? We considered many different options, and […]