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Family trip to Mt. Bachelor today

Warm-up snack. So many snacks! (great tip Tami ❤️)

Luca is all set and very excited to ride the chair lift.

Luca shredding the gnar

Silliness in the sled
 Some more snacking

Autumn getting in on the action

More snacking
A great day at the mountain

P.S. I also found out on this trip that apparently my snowboard gear is considered “vintage” 😁

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More Snow!

It’s snowing! Can we go outside and play?IMG_8287Mom gets ready, takes a deep breath…IMG_8291No, that’s not helping…IMG_8292IMG_8301Happy in this picture, but…IMG_8306this is her typical reaction to snow.
IMG_8335This one on the other hand:IMG_8308Yup, happy little dragonIMG_8313And sillyIMG_8327Monkey is happy too
IMG_8329And very interested in the idea that you can eat snowIMG_8334Mia preferred to eat the carrot that was intended for the snowman in the shelter of the front porch
IMG_3824IMG_3827_copy“Snow for dinner!”
IMG_3832We had to clear off the hummingbird feeder so this little bird could reach it!IMG_3838IMG_3842Snow buddies
IMG_3846IMG_3848IMG_3863IMG_3853IMG_3856IMG_3861Hot chocolate time!IMG_3871IMG_3872IMG_3877
IMG_3882IMG_3884Mia winsIMG_3885

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As most people in Oregon know we had an early morning surprise on Sunday. Snow!!  We were all very excited to head out and have some fun.

Well some of us were a little unsure…

Buckets and shovels ready to …. well actually I’m not sure what they were thinking in this photo.  I just have a feeling I’m about to get hit with snowballs.


Momma came out to play too

Just enough snow for sleding and we even built a little ramp

 Autumn loved the sled and Luca was happy to pull his sister up and down the street.

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More Snow Pictures






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Fun in the Snow!


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Snow Day!

Sigh, how does so much time go by between blog posts? I suppose one reason is that I came down with the flu and pneumonia, which knocked me out for a few weeks and from which I’m still recovering. Chris did an amazing job making up for my complete inability to function by taking care of everything at home after being at work for a full day. And Luca, thankfully, is able to spend a good amount of his time playing on his own these days so I was able to stay on the couch for much of the time that he was home with me. We had our first real snow day during my period of incapacitation, and I mustered up enough energy to take Luca outside for a bit one morning to enjoy the fluffy whiteness covering his front yard. Here he is, excited to head outside:

I expected him to walk around the yard exploring the snow, but he ended up just standing in place for the majority of the time. I think it was so new and foreign to him that all he could do was just stand still and try to take it in.

Hmm, what is this fluffy white stuff?

I’ve never seen anything like this before-oh look! Cars!

Taking a momentary break from being bewildered to make a funny face.

Oh hey, more cars!

He really enjoyed knocking snow off the tree branches, but I wasn’t able to hold him up to the branches and snap a picture at the same time without dropping him/straining my shoulder/throwing out my back/slipping on the sidewalk. So we settled on a portrait (watching the cars again of course) with some beautiful snowy trees in the background.

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