I think Luca is most relaxed and calm when he’s in the water just swimming

Swim Time!

Guess who started swim class!  Time for back floats   Mmm, tasty  More back floats. Better bring this toy with me.  Floating on the mat  Noodles! (This is her favorite part) Big brother Luca waits patiently for his class to begin  Time to get in!  Waiting his turn…  Still waiting…  Here comes the shark!  The shark […]

This Is How We Live

One of Luca’s recent games is to pick up his globe, point to a random location, and say “this (dramatic pause) is how we live.”  I follow with “no, that’s Kazakhstan” or “nope, that’s Antarctica”.  I also try to clarify that it’s “where we live, not how we live.”  To which he once again proclaims… […]

Our Little Ohana

Luca continues with his swim classes. He’s doing well learning his different floats and swim strokes.  Kitty and I were surprised this past week when Luca was swimming across the pool and came up just short of the wall.  He went underwater, popped back up, and treaded water for around 20 seconds.  It was pretty cool. Sporting […]

Monkeys, bats, and noodles….. but Where’s Luca?!

It’s been awhile since our last post.  Over the last month during some of our visits and travels we found some time to find a new home in SW Portland, move, and begin settling in.   We are so excited to be in our new home.  The neighborhood is amazing.  There are 10 homes on […]