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A little late but I wanted to put up these fun pics from Thanksgiving.


So thankful for all of our little monkeys!


Happy Thanksgiving













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I know Thanksgiving was a month ago, but hey – life is pretty busy for us these days. We took these pictures on Thanksgiving morning and they were so cute I just had to share them. My precious little ones ūüôā

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Our Little Ohana

Luca continues with his swim classes. He’s doing well learning his different floats and swim strokes. ¬†Kitty and I were¬†surprised¬†this past week when Luca was swimming across the pool and came up just short of the wall. ¬†He went underwater, popped back up, and treaded water for around 20 seconds. ¬†It was pretty cool.

Sporting his swim cap and goggles…. sorry “BUZZ Goggles”


After swim class shower.  His hair is so curly!


A family of Ducks


We went to Kitty’s grandmas house for Thanksgiving. ¬†It was one of the longer car trips for Autumn. ¬†She’s not what I’d call a fan of car trips. ¬†We stopped 3 times and the 1 .5 hour trip took 3. ¬†We still love you baby girl.


The kids just hanging out


Luca is always gentle with his baby sister….


Although to be perfectly honest I believe right after this picture was snapped Autumn sort of peeled off to her left and ended up face down the corner of the couch.  Luca did voice his concern though.


Happy times


My two angels

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Goodbye Grandma June

Many have heard the sad news that my Grandma June passed away last week.  I was happy to be there with her for her final days and so very glad that she is at peace and with all of our loved ones who have already passed away.

I grew up with my Grandma June in Corvallis.   She was there for every Thanksgiving, Christmas, performance, and graduation.  She loved her Elvis, her boys, and her family. She was always supportive and  never missed a chance to comment on her affinity for my dark hair and light eyes.

From a young age my mom and I would load up our lawn mower every weekend, drive across town, and I’d mow my grandma’s lawn.¬† As I got older I’d eventually begin to drive myself, but every weekend I made it over there to mow her lawn.¬† Afterwards she always had a small bag of lays potato chips, a soda, and some Werther’s candy.¬† I used to think I was doing her a favor driving across town and battling the garden snakes, but as I got older and looked back I realized that those moments were priceless and I got so much more than just chips and candy.¬† From her advice to always pay off my credit cards to her talks about moderation and being a good boy, I learned so much from my grandma.

One of the things I am most happy about is the fact my Grandma June was able to meet and play with Luca several times since we moved back to Oregon.¬† Most recently she was so excited to hear Luca was in town she jumped up, left her dinner, and rushed over to my mom’s house.¬† She was always so happy to hear about what Luca was doing and¬† loved squeezing his little fat toes.¬† Luca loved his great grandma as well, always putting on a show when she was around.¬† We will miss you Grandma June.¬† Love you.¬† Rest in Peace.

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We decided to fly home for Thanksgiving this year, as I will be too far along in the pregnancy to travel during Christmas time. ¬†It was so nice to be in Oregon for the fall ‚Äď it has been years since we‚Äôve seen the leaves changing color. ¬†And we ended up having very pleasant weather for almost the whole week ‚Äď it rained only on Thanksgiving day, of course. ¬†Baby put on a good show with lots of moving and shaking, which I guess was his way of saying hi to his grandparents and aunts and uncles. ¬†Chris‚Äô family joined my family at my Grandmother‚Äôs house, and we had a lot of fun cooking good food, chatting, and playing Cranium. ¬†It sure was hard to leave this time, knowing things will be so different when we see everyone again!

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