A little late but I wanted to put up these fun pics from Thanksgiving. So thankful for all of our little monkeys!


I know Thanksgiving was a month ago, but hey – life is pretty busy for us these days. We took these pictures on Thanksgiving morning and they were so cute I just had to share them. My precious little ones 🙂

Our Little Ohana

Luca continues with his swim classes. He’s doing well learning his different floats and swim strokes.  Kitty and I were surprised this past week when Luca was swimming across the pool and came up just short of the wall.  He went underwater, popped back up, and treaded water for around 20 seconds.  It was pretty cool. Sporting […]

Goodbye Grandma June

Many have heard the sad news that my Grandma June passed away last week.  I was happy to be there with her for her final days and so very glad that she is at peace and with all of our loved ones who have already passed away. I grew up with my Grandma June in […]


We decided to fly home for Thanksgiving this year, as I will be too far along in the pregnancy to travel during Christmas time.  It was so nice to be in Oregon for the fall – it has been years since we’ve seen the leaves changing color.  And we ended up having very pleasant weather […]