Good Friday

As part of Good Friday I had the day off today.  Kitty still had to work so it was boys day out.  What to do?? First things first.  Time for Luca to get inked. After that it was time to head out. My sister Rebecca, her husband and two sons are visting from California so […]

New Year’s Weekend

We’re working on putting together a Christmas post, but until then, here are a few pics from our fun new year’s weekend with family. On Saturday Grammie, Pop Pop, Barbie and Justin all came up to spend the day with us. First, some monkeying around with the giant sock monkey that Luca got from Grandma […]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

We’ve been doing well.  Kitty’s  family came to visit this weekend for a summer birthdays celebration.   Her mom, dad, bother, sisters, aunts and grandma all stopped by.  It was good to see everyone and Luca is always excited to see family.  Luca has been making his way through all kinds of solid foods.  We pretty […]

Luca Lee

Luca has become much more active during the day and now enjoys giggling and smiling at all of mom and dad’s antics.  Along with the smiles and sticking out his tongue Luca also throws in the occasional funny face. Below are a few recent pictures with the rest posted here. <object width=”445″ height=”364″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param […]

Weekend update

Auntie Libby came to visit us and Luca for the weekend.  It’s always fun to have family and friends visit.  Grammie fired up her webcam and got to chat with Luca during a brief feeding break.  Luca is doing well and is much more active during the day.  He’s a very calm baby, but enjoys […]

Mom and Leo visit

Since we were unable to travel to Oregon for Christmas my mom and Leo came down for a visit.  We had fun talking, sharing stories, dining, and seeing a few sights.  On Sunday we went out and did some baby shopping.  We are so appreciative of my mom’s gifts.  By the time she and Leo […]

PT Baby Shower

Another baby shower!  This time I celebrated with friends from physical therapy school on a cold and rainy Saturday night.  We played a couple of fun games, including identifying names of various baby animals and guessing how big my tummy is.  Karen overestimated my size by cutting her piece of yarn almost twice as big […]


We decided to fly home for Thanksgiving this year, as I will be too far along in the pregnancy to travel during Christmas time.  It was so nice to be in Oregon for the fall – it has been years since we’ve seen the leaves changing color.  And we ended up having very pleasant weather […]

Surprise visit

My first baby shower was originally scheduled for this weekend, but at the last minute we ended up rescheduling for a later date since several people couldn’t make it.  Unbeknownst to me, Chris had been conspiring with my sisters Libby and Kimmy for weeks, and had bought them plane tickets to fly down and surprise […]