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Good Friday

As part of Good Friday I had the day off today.  Kitty still had to work so it was boys day out.  What to do?? First things first.  Time for Luca to get inked.

After that it was time to head out.

My sister Rebecca, her husband and two sons are visting from California so we decided to meet with them, my mom, and sister Barbie at Wings of Wonder. They have a giant greenhouse that houses thousands of butterflies.

 Luca with his auntie Barbie

Wings of Wonder is home to many other friends … geckos, quails, snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas, frogs. This was Luca’s best friend of the day.  He and cousin Trenton named him Spike.

A kiss goodbye

After lunch we headed over to the Riverfront Carousel

Luca’s cousin Joshua taking it all in

More pics from the day

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We’re working on putting together a Christmas post, but until then, here are a few pics from our fun new year’s weekend with family.

On Saturday Grammie, Pop Pop, Barbie and Justin all came up to spend the day with us.

First, some monkeying around with the giant sock monkey that Luca got from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas:


Grammie and Pop Pop get in on the fun:

Next, some play time with Auntie Barbie and Uncle Justin:

After going out for lunch and settling down for a quick power nap, Luca was ready to rejoin the party. He really enjoyed his gift from Barbie and Justin – a Good Night Moon book that plays recordings of them reading the story. Thanks guys!

We managed to get a few moments of stillness to pose for a couple of group shots:

Luca and Uncle Justin finish up the day by testing out what happens when you push all your trucks over the edge of a step:

On Sunday we had more visiting with Grandma, Grandpa, Libby and Travis.

Luca, Uncle Travis and Auntie Libby start off the day with some play time in the cardboard castle:

Repeating the same pattern from the previous day, we went out to lunch and then put the little guy down for a nap. We got him to cooperate for more photos by having him count slowly to 10 (a new trick that seems to be working great for the time being…):

Hmm, maybe everyone else should have played the counting game too…

Happy new year everyone!

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We’ve been doing well.  Kitty’s  family came to visit this weekend for a summer birthdays celebration.   Her mom, dad, bother, sisters, aunts and grandma all stopped by.  It was good to see everyone and Luca is always excited to see family.  Luca has been making his way through all kinds of solid foods.  We pretty much just let him try whatever we are eating.  This weekend he had some pad thai and yogurt.  Sweet potatoes and applesauce seem to be his favorite while, after three yuck faces,  salmon had to be put on hold.  To help with his consumption his two lower teeth have broken through.  We didn’t really know he was teething until the first tooth came in, and while he was gnawing on my knuckle I felt the sting of his little sharp tooth digging in.

All three of us are going to be taking a trip to Southern California in October.  We’re going  for a wedding but are going to stay for a few extra days.  While there we are hoping to visit with friends, make the necessary stop at Disneyland, and hopefully get Luca on a surfboard.  Luca is doing well.  As I write this he is scooting across the floor and glancing back at me with a smile to check if I’m watching.  A few minutes ago, with his new found mobility, he discovered and quickly destroyed Kitty’s Mothering magazine and JCrew catalog.

It seems like whenever Luca isn’t sleeping or eating he’s giggling and smiling.  He has such a calm demeanor and really just doesn’t get upset about much.





Luca enjoys reading and playing with trains with his older buddy Tate

Single Rainbow... almost a double!!

Luca in his car seat

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Luca Lee

Luca has become much more active during the day and now enjoys giggling and smiling at all of mom and dad’s antics.  Along with the smiles and sticking out his tongue Luca also throws in the occasional funny face. Below are a few recent pictures with the rest posted here.

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Luca at lunch in LA at La Parilla Restaurant reacting to the sweet sounds of the mariachi band.

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Weekend update

Auntie Libby came to visit us and Luca for the weekend.  It’s always fun to have family and friends visit.  Grammie fired up her webcam and got to chat with Luca during a brief feeding break.  Luca is doing well and is much more active during the day.  He’s a very calm baby, but enjoys his dance and kung-fu time with daddy.  This morning I was greeted with 5  minutes of smiling and a few giggles.  We took advantage of having someone around to take pictures of our little ohana.  We posted a few below and on the website here.

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Mom and Leo visit

Since we were unable to travel to Oregon for Christmas my mom and Leo came down for a visit.  We had fun talking, sharing stories, dining, and seeing a few sights.  On Sunday we went out and did some baby shopping.  We are so appreciative of my mom’s gifts.  By the time she and Leo left we had a new crib, changing table, dresser and hutch, as well as a mattress and changing pad.  Later we headed over to the Santa Monica pier for the afternoon, where a tall naked man wearing only a loin cloth and wrapped in snakes was there to greet us.  Welcome to LA.  We walked through Old Town Pasadena at night and had fun sharing Pasadena, our home, and the life Kitty and I have made for ourselves.

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PT Baby Shower

Another baby shower!  This time I celebrated with friends from physical therapy school on a cold and rainy Saturday night.  We played a couple of fun games, including identifying names of various baby animals and guessing how big my tummy is.  Karen overestimated my size by cutting her piece of yarn almost twice as big as I actually am!  We all had a good laugh over that.  The rest of the evening was spent eating homemade lasagna and carrot cake, admiring baby pictures of each other, and opening some very fun and thoughtful gifts.  We all live in different parts of LA, so more than anything it was good to just spend time with each other (while I still have a little left!).

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We decided to fly home for Thanksgiving this year, as I will be too far along in the pregnancy to travel during Christmas time.  It was so nice to be in Oregon for the fall – it has been years since we’ve seen the leaves changing color.  And we ended up having very pleasant weather for almost the whole week – it rained only on Thanksgiving day, of course.  Baby put on a good show with lots of moving and shaking, which I guess was his way of saying hi to his grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Chris’ family joined my family at my Grandmother’s house, and we had a lot of fun cooking good food, chatting, and playing Cranium.  It sure was hard to leave this time, knowing things will be so different when we see everyone again!

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Surprise visit

My first baby shower was originally scheduled for this weekend, but at the last minute we ended up rescheduling for a later date since several people couldn’t make it.  Unbeknownst to me, Chris had been conspiring with my sisters Libby and Kimmy for weeks, and had bought them plane tickets to fly down and surprise me for the shower.  When they heard the shower date was changed, they decided to come down anyway and spend the weekend with me.  So I had quite a surprise when they all walked in the door late Friday night!  In fact I had been having kind of a bad day, and my brain was so confused to see them standing there, that I just stared at them for several moments and didn’t give them a very warm initial welcome.  Of course I perked up after that and we had quite a fun-filled weekend, complete with our own baby shower over brunch, a trip to the Getty Center, and plenty of time playing Beatles Rock Band.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

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